Cybersonica 3D Sampler

Cybersonica 3D Sampler

The Junction,
Cambridge, UK
26 April 2007

Held as part of the Enter_Unknown Territories series of events, Cybersonica 3D Sampler was an evening of live electronic performances, DJs, VJs and short film screenings with 3D sound provided by Illustrious. 

Curated by Martyn Ware of Illustrious in collaboration with Cybersonica, the event was an ambitious mix of progressive electronic music, innovative audiovisualisation, screenings of musical shorts and interactive sonic art, featuring performances from Eclectic Method, Brian Duffy’s Modified Toy Orchestra, The Sancho Plan, and ALT*CTRL amongst others.

In partnership with The Junction, Boomslang, Enter_Unknown, and Future Shorts.

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