Creatmosphere: Breathing Trees

Creatmosphere: Breathing Trees

Switched On London, Potterfield Park,
London, UK
February–April 2008

Held as part of the Switched On London Festival, Creatmosphere: Breathing Trees was a large-scale immersive outdoor light and sound installation that transformed two enormous trees located next to Potters Field Park into living, breathing lungs.

The two 20 metre high trees were illuminated using LED color changing technology to give the impression of ‘breathing with light’ while simultaneously the sound of breathing was played in 3D sound. 

A recreation of Breathing Trees, a work which was originally performed in 2006 at the Festival Arbres et Lumieres in Geneva, the restaging was a collaborative effort between Illustrious and Laurent Louyer of Creatmosphere

In partnership with Creatmosphere and Switched On London.