Cybersonica Late at Tate Britain

Cybersonica Late at Tate Britain

Tate Britain,
London, UK
6 April 2007

Billed as London's annual multimedia festival, Cybersonica Late at Tate Britain featured an evening of progressive electronic music, audiovisual performance and accessible sonic art, with a “greatest hits” of Illustrious' 3D sound work showcased at the event.

Hosted in the Rotunda at Tate Britain, the two hour loop was an edited compilation of 3D soundscapes and compositions created by Illustrious between 2002 and 2007.

To accompany the sound piece, visuals were provided by body/space/art, who projected a VJ installation onto a large suspended within the space.

In partnership with Cybersonica, Arts Council England, Enter_Unknown, Inition, Body Data Space, and Epson.

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