Echo City

Echo City

British Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale,
Venice, Italy
7 September 2006

Featuring a soundscape from Martyn Ware of Illustrious Company, Echo City was an installation at the Venice Architecture Biennale that described the city of Sheffield from a variety of scales.

Developed under the leadership of Jeremy Till, Director of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, Echo City was described as an “urban register” made up of found objects, architectural projects, photography, an immersive audio experience from Illustrious, and at its centre an interactive model by Jim Prevett which invited visitors to reconfigure urban elements from the surrounding installations.

For the exhibition, Ware created ‘1:10,000,000’, a soundscape that projected Sheffield’s relationship with the world at large, presenting the city as an exemplar of industrial cities everywhere.

In partnership with the Venice Architecure Biennale and the British Council.