The Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle,
Newcastle, UK
2 July – 20 August 2005

Launched to coincide with the Newcastle Gateshead Tall Ships Race and River Festival, Fathom was a major exhibition of works by leading video and sound artists that featured a specially composed soundscape from Illustrious.

A ground breaking cultural event for the region, the Hatton Gallery exhibition examined the various ways in which those artists featured explored the relationship between man and water, focusing on its primal psychological and physical lure. 

For the project, Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke of Illustrious contributed their three dimensional sound installation ‘Blue (you are underwater)’, with this piece exhibiting alongside such international artists as Bill Viola, Janet Biggs, and David Cotterrell.

In partnership with Tyne & Wear: Archives & Museums Museum, Hatton Gallery: Great North Museum, and Newcastle Gateshead Tourism Board.

Audio Sample