i-DENTITY: 25 Years of i-D magazine

i-DENTITY: 25 Years of i-D magazine

The Fashion and Textile Museum,
London, UK
14 October – 17 December 2005

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of i-D Magazine, the Fashion and Textile Museum launched an exhibition using images, short films, graphics, scents, and 3D sound from Illustrious to provide a multi-dimensional tour of the magazines history as well as the wider concept of ‘identity’.

Directed an curated by the the magazine’s founder, creative director and editor-in-chief, Terry Jones, the exhibition sought to capture the essence of i-D, whose premise from its conception has been to empower people to express their own ideas and their individual identity.

As part of this multi sensual experience, Illustrious provided a three dimensional immersive soundtrack, which used musical compositions and voice recordings to create an audio collage charting the history of the magazine.

In partnership with The Design Museum.

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