Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment

Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment

Goldsmiths, University of London,
London, UK
22 October – 7 November 2009

Working in collaboration with Goldsmiths University and Duran Audio, the Large Scale Immersive Audio Experiment provided a chance for students from the college to have their soundscapes played on the backfield of the college using Illustrious’ 3D audio technology. 

Running for over a fortnight, the installation played a number of pieces created by the Goldsmiths Screenschool and Sound Practice Research, with Martyn Ware of Illustrious Company providing workshops for students to learn more about immersive audio.

Placing Duran Audio’s Intellivox DSP controlled Beam Steering Loudspeakers at each corner of Goldsmiths college green, the pieces were spatialised using Illustrious’ 3D-Audioscape software platform.

In partnership with Future of Sound, Duran Audio, and the Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studio.