The Leaky Droid

The Leaky Droid

Northbrook College,

Illustrious created a series of 3D soundscape compositions for this theatrical event by students from Northbrook College, Goring-by-Sea.

Come visit the Leaky Droid bar located on the planet PH1 for a 20 minute interactive experience, try and get a drink, trade items and make ‘friends’.



The planet’s earth name is PH1, locally known to the aliens as raesera (loosing translates as gas). It is the route 66 of planets, meaning it’s a rough place and you should only stop there if needs be. It has basic emanates but it is mostly used for scavenging, trading and doing dodgy deals. The only reason the people of earth have been invited here is because, amongst all the junk, they discovered the voyager record. The ‘aliens’ that live on this planet are those that have nowhere else to go, either because they are outcasts or there planet has run out of resources. 

The ‘aliens’, fascinated by these humans, have invited them to their most reputable bar on the planet to entertain and meet them. (With possible suggestions to a inter-species night). A portal has been opened connecting these two worlds allowing a safe passage without any of the flying into space business! 

There will be 4 aliens to interact with in the space:

The first one you will be greeted by will be a strange character squatting down on the floor (this is how he moves); he will be working at the bar and serving up stance drinks and food. He will expect payment!

Another one will be a water based alien complete with gils and a water tank allowing her to breathe, she will feel slimy to the touch and is on the look out for a mate to take her to earth where there will be plenty of water for her to bask in.

The next will be a heat-based alien, touch her and it will burn. She will be wearing armour to protect you from her inner heat.

The last will be a carbon-based alien, made from crystals and coal, completely black.

The last 3 aliens will be your entertainment, they will be performing a song in honour of your arrival. They will be basing there song on that of the voyager records, as they think this is what humans love to hear!