'I've Been Waiting For You', Triad Media Gallery,
Seoul, South Korea
16 November - 17 December 2006

Composed by Illustrious in collaboration with artists at Fabrica, ‘Remote’ was a live three-dimensional responsive soundscape performed in the Triad Media Gallery at the Seoul Biennale.

Exploring the relationships between the artists and the audience, between the audience and the artwork, and among the audience themselves, the piece was featured as part of an exhibition called ‘I’ve Been Waiting For You’, and was a interactive/generative installation that used real time input from webcams all around the world to create constantly evolving audio loops and patterns.

Funded by the Benetton group, Fabrica is a unique research institution that encourages the creative development of selected young professionals from all over the world, with activities ranging from graphic design to cinema.

Audio Sample