The Outer Reaches

The Outer Reaches

Happy Hour,
The British Library

The original Radiophonic Workshop kindly allowed Illustrious access to previously-unheard snippets of original compositional ideas from the works of Delia Derbyshire. The result is a world-premiere ‘fever dream’ of sonic creativity - Delia’s astounding talent is overwhelmingly beautiful, and embodies the very essence of sonic futurism.

This free event in the British Library Entrance Hall was the third in a series of three presentations hosted by Martyn Ware – alongside Tales From the Bridge and Liquid Histories.

3D Soundscape by Martyn Ware for Illustrious

Original compositional elements by Delia Derbyshire (by kind permission of the Radiophonic Workshop)

Additional composition by Martyn Ware, Eddie Amos and Elena Ware for Illustrious.