News 2002

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Venice Biennale
posted 01/10/2002

Illustrious will be appearing at the Venice Biennale this year in an exhibition called Transparent Mirrors a collaboration with the New York artist Phil Tsiaras featuring a 3D surround soundscape. The vernessage will be on June 10th at the Scuola di Mercanti in the Campo di Madonna Dell Orto. It runs until the end of July and may possibly be extended at a future date.

Hybrid Field
posted 14/09/2002

Illustrious have formed a new organisation with the artists David Bickerstaff and Jason Bruges called "Hybrid Field" to explore the technological, scientific and artisic. Their first work will be entitled "Field Blue" installed at a location to be revealed in the centre of Soho during the last two weeks of May in London.

Artistic Collaboration
posted 24/08/2002

An artistic collaboration with Cathy De Monchaux and the philosopher Theodore Zeldin is planned for summer 2003

World first 3D Soundtrack
posted 21/08/2002

Illustrious have been asked to provide a world first 3D soundtrack to an independent Dogme film entitled "Shedding Skins" written and directed by the filmaker Vivien De Montague - shooting commences this autumn.

Charles Morrow Company and Arup Accoustics
posted 01/07/2002

Illustrious are about to form an alliance with the Charles Morrow Comapny and Arup Accoustics both in New York, who will be providing recording and demonstration facilities stateside for future projects and collaborations.