News 2004

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BAFTA Interactive Awards Judging
posted 22/11/2004

Martyn is in the middle of a feverish bout of jury service on behalf of BAFTA in 6 different categories, including Interactive Music, Games Music, Audio Design, Arts, New Talent and News & Sport. Phew!

Martyn guest speaker at PACT ContentLab
posted 14/11/2004

ContentLab, Pact's Interactive conference in Birmingham on 12 and 13 November is gearing up to become the Interactive event of the year. With more confirmed speakers including Nog Sawdon, GMTV; Hugh Griffith, O2; Marc Goodchild, BBC Interactive Factual & Learning and Martyn Ware, The Illustrious Company, this is an event not to be missed. ContentLab 2004 is a unique hot-house event for interactive content professionals. This two-day gathering will explore the most exciting and effective projects that are leading the way in interactive content; provide new ideas about market developments and address key issues about the relationship between interactive design, market development and content propositions.

Amnesty International / Sonic-ID
posted 05/11/2004

Illustrious / Sonic-ID are to create a brand-new sonic identity for Amnesty International, which will be revealed to the public during December, to coincide with Amnesty's relocation to their new headquarters in London.

News from the Royal Institution website - TFOS2
posted 30/10/2004

'The Future of Sound has arrived ! On Tuesday night the Ri teamed up with Martyn Ware's Illustrious Company to deliver 'The future of sound'. We had over 200 excited people turn up on the door - so many that our stewarding staff were kept busy shepherding people past state-of-the-art sound equipment. There were lots of impressive sound tech on display, a live video link-up to New York, and a projection of the Northern Lights controlled by our audience. For those who are interested, we'll soon have a final list of the speakers on our website, so watch out for it! ' website -

Future OF Sound 2 triumph!
posted 27/10/2004

Last night's show at the Royal Institution in London proved to be a sell-out success, with many turned away at the door. More news to follow shortly.

Illustrious at The Center For Architecture NYC
posted 10/10/2004

Charlie Morrow has just installed a 3D sound cube in the entrance hall of The Center for Architecture 536 LaGuardia Place (between Bleecker and West 3rd) New York A special Illustrious 3D surround piece is featured in the installation - together with other pieces by famous sound artists from around the world The exhibition will continue for several weeks at least.

newsletter number one
posted 11/09/2004

Hello! Welcome to the first ever newsletter from The Illustrious Company. From now on we will be keeping you up to date with the our rapidly changing world on a regular basis...

The Future of Sound Part II (26 Oct 2004 7.30pm – 10pm) Royal Institute
The Illustrious Company and RI are hosting stimulating and imaginative event discussing the future of sound in artistic, scientific and commercial fields.

Guest speakers include Charlie Morrow, Anna Hill, Scanner and Paul Devereux. Come and experience the thrill of hyper-real sound through Illustrious's 'Heightened Reality', world-first, three-dimensional surround sound system. Tickets cost £8 and £5 for RI members and concessions. Tickets are selling fast so book now at or call 020 7409 2992.

Sound Oasis (28 Sept 2004 – 15 Jan 2005) Mexico City
A three-dimensional sound installation in Mexico City in the Palacio de Belles Artes, to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Palacio. Twelve sound artists from around the world will be showcasing new site and time specific works to be be played 24/7 for 2 months. The installation is a a world first using three-dimensional sound technology created by Illustrious / SurroundAV and also featuring a soundscape by Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke.

For more information visit the Sound Oasis web site –

The Dark (1 Sept - 30 Nov 2004) Thinktank at Millennium Point, Birmingham
The Dark gives you an opportunity to explore a specially created three-dimensional audio environment in which the echoes of virtual ghosts inhabit a haunted soundscape. In The Dark your eyes are of no use to you – instead, you will need to rely on your ears and your imagination to find your way through a maze of troubled ghosts and unlock the mysteries of their lives. To experience the Dark visit the website Three-dimensional soundscape production by Illustrious.

The Royal Ballet (23 – 27 June 2004)
Illustrious's second collaboration with choreographer Vanessa Fenton from The Royal Ballet, 'On Public Display', played a short run at The Royal Opera House, Linbury Theatre as part of a five -part bill of new pieces inspired by the works of Sergei Diaghilev.

The Other Flower Show (28 May – 11 July 2004)
The Other Flower Show, featured 10 artists modifying 10 sheds in the V&A garden. Illustrious used a custom-designed 'Heightened Reality' system, creating a sound field completely immersing the listener. 'Town and Country' comprised a variety of low-level three-dimensional immersive sound recordings of British countryside locations, a cacophony of urban noise and lights then jolted the listener from their reverie.

That's all for now. There will be another newsletter before Christmas ....... Yours Immersively, Martyn Ware

Q Awards - Martyn wins 'Innovation In Sound' award
posted 10/09/2004

Together with the other members of the early Human League, Martyn's award acknowledges the contribution made to the development of electronic popular music – starting over 20 years ago and continuing its influence right up to the present day.

World Premiere of 'On Public Display'
posted 23/06/2004

An Illustrious collaboration with Vanessa Fenton from The Royal Ballet. Tonight (23 June) and further performances (26-27 June) at The Royal Opera House, Linbury Theatre as part of a five -part bill of new pieces inspired by the works of Sergei Diaghilev.

Illustrious and Sound Oasis Mexico City
posted 03/06/2004

Illustrious has been invited to create a 2 hour soundwork for Sound Oasis in Mexico in September 2004. This is in addition to creating the physical 3D sound template for 11 other artists at the same location at Palacio di Belles Artes in the centre of Mexico City. Vince and Martyn will be visiting Mexico soon to make recordings to incorporate into their piece.

Illustrious create Servisair Sonic-ID
posted 30/05/2004 Goes Live! DKPM launched the updated Servisair / GlobeGround web site in April, featuring a new Sonic Identity created in conjunction with the Illustrious Company. The new web site is built on DKPM’s Content Management System (CMS) and uses flash animation to add impact to the site’s look and feel. It is also the portal to the company’s new intranet (also developed by DKPM) which will be the online home of the business’s 20,000 staff. See for yourself at

The Other Flower Show - now on
posted 29/05/2004

Yesterday evening 4,000 visitors attended the extremely successful launch event for The Other Flower Show, featuring 10 artists modifying 10 sheds in the V&A garden.

Illustrious, aka Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware, have converted their shed into the superlative of sound systems. Using a custom-designed 'Heightened Reality' 3D surround-sound system, they have created a 3D sound field that completely immerses the listener. Sound as an art form is often marginalised. It is introduced to add ambience and drama to a film or installation, but is rarely given a solo platform. 'Town and Country' comprises a variety of low-level 3D immersive sound recordings of British countryside locations. Both real and imagined, they transport the visitor to forests, moorland, cliff tops and lakesides purely through the emotive and atmospheric intensity of sound. But the unsuspecting visitors should not allow themselves to be completely seduced by the hypnotic sounds of nature; a cacophony of urban noise and lights may jolt you from your reverie.

Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware formed Illustrious Company in 2001. Both have successful careers in the music world and now work in collaboration, often with other artists and organisations, to create 3D soundscapes. Clarke is best known for his work as a member of Erasure, Yazoo and Depeche Mode. Ware was a founding member of The Human League and Heaven 17 and has produced albums and hits for countless artists, including Terence Trent D'Arby, Marc Almond and Tina Turner. Speakers kindly donated by Bowers & Wilkins. Surround AV by Paul Gilleron Acoustic Design.

DeVere Cavendish St. James Hotel
posted 14/05/2004

Illustrious are submitting a proposal to the DeVere Cavendish St. James Hotel to install a 3D sound installation system in the lobby of their Jermyn St. site. In addition, Jason Bruges Studio will be designing a responsive interactive light wall which will react to customers in the area and link thematically with sound content.

Amnesty International
posted 14/05/2004

Illustrious have been in discussions with Amnesty International regarding sonic branding. Work probably commencing in June

The Soundcube moves to Finland
posted 11/05/2004

The Charles Morrow Sound Cube has recently move from The Kitchen in NYC to Finland and will proceed to tour from now on.

The Dark moves to Magna
posted 11/05/2004

The Dark will be installed for 4 months at MAGNA, the science based exhibition centre at Rotherham. Dates tbc.

London 2012
posted 11/05/2004

Martyn has been asked to participate in a series of brainstorming discussions concerning the London 2012 bid for the Olympics

The Public
posted 11/05/2004

Proposals submitted for an interactive 3D sound corridor at the new Will Allsop multimedia interactive building 'The Public' being currently built in West Bromwich.

On Public Display – The Royal Ballet
posted 11/05/2004

Currently in intensive rehearsals, the composition for the piece is now 90% finished. Andy Bell (Erasure) was recorded for rehearsal purposes – he will be performing live at all performances. Tickets available from the ROH box office now.

Sonic-ID – call for High-profile organisations
posted 11/05/2004

Sonic-ID are looking for high-profile organisations to run a pilot scheme for sonic identities Already approached: Amnesty International, BAFTA Interactive, London 2012, The Royal Ballet, The Venice Biennale

Sonic ID and Servisair
posted 11/05/2004

DKPM and Illustrious have formed a new sonic identity company called Sonic-ID. Further details can be found at The first example can be found at

Illustrious @ the Royal Ballet
posted 03/04/2004

Martyn and Vince are currently attending rehearsals at the Royal Opera House and continuing to write the music for Vanessa Fenton's piece 'On Public Display', incorporating and inspired by Shostakovich's 2nd Piano Concerto. Inspired by Diaghilev Linbury Studio Theatre.

Opening night 7.30pm 23 June 04, further performances 26/27 June

Monica Mason, Director of The Royal Ballet, has invited five choreographers to each create a small-scale work for the Company, drawing inspiration from any of the ballets created for Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. The choreographers are Vanessa Fenton and Alastair Marriott from The Royal Ballet; Cathy Marston, Associate Artist of the Royal Opera House; Robert Garland, from Dance Theatre of Harlem; and Matjash Mrozewski, an independent choreographer from Canada. Cathy Marston’s Venetian Requiem will have a commissioned score by Judith Bingham, Alastair Marriott is taking as his starting point L’Envoi d’Icare for percussion and two pianos by Igor Markevitch and Stravinsky’s Suite Italienne will be interpreted by Matjash Mrozewski.

Linbury Studio Theatre, tickets £15, £12, £5 standing (£8 students and ROH Access List) Visit or call the Royal Opera House Box Office.

Opening for the Morrow SoundCube featuring Illustrious
posted 30/03/2004

The Kitchen Art Gallery Sound Cube
March 30-May 1, Tuesday – Saturday, 2-6pm, free
Opening reception: March 30 (Tuesday) 6pm, free
Gallery Talk: April 17 (Saturday) 3pm, free
3D Sound Workshop: April 21 (Wednesday) 10am-1pm, free

Curated by Charlie Morrow, Stephen Vitiello and Christina Yang. Produced by The Kitchen, Charles Morrow Associates Inc, and Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center.

Twelve composers write for sound art pioneer Charles Morrow's Sound Cube – a multi-channel, playback environment providing an immersive, 3D audio experience. With world premieres by Olivia Block, Shelley Hirsch, Illustrious Company: Martyn Ware/Vincent Clark, Miya Masaoka, Steve McCaffrey, Charles Morrow, Phill Niblock, Michael J. Schumacher, Scanner, Stephen Vitiello, and Pamela Z.

Invitation to The Dark
posted 27/03/2004

Dear all, I would like to invite you into the dark.
The Dana Centre, London March 25th – May 4th 2004 Time: 12 noon - 8pm , admission free, but tickets required. Pre-booking line: 020 7942 4040 or

The Dark gives you an opportunity to explore a specially created three-dimensional audio environment in which the echoes of virtual ghosts inhabit a haunted soundscape. In The Dark your eyes will be of no use to you. Instead, you will need to rely on your ears and your imagination to find your way through a maze of troubled ghosts and unlock the mysteries of their lives. You can experience The Dark in two ways: in an installation which will tour the UK and online. The installation is a completely dark space, which groups of up to fifteen people can enter, and experience simultaneously.

The Dark online is an individual experience, best listened to through headphones with the room lights dimmed or off. The Dark is a BraunArts production with the following collaborators: Rob Godman – composer; Maria Oshodi – writer; Martyn Ware – 3D sound producer; Adam Hoyle and Nick Rothwell – programmers; Tim Scott – studio engineer.

Coming to surround you soon...
posted 18/03/2004

Future and recent projects...
Forthcoming: The Dark 2004 March: collaboration with BraunArts 3D surround soundscape in total darkness, The Dana Centre, Science Museum, London
2004 May New Sound New York collaboration with Scanner and Charles Morrow 3D surround soundscape composed by Illustrious, Scanner and Nicola Green NYC Music Festival, The Kitchen, New York
2004 May Another Flower Show 3D surround soundscape composed by Illustrious in conjunction with UP projects Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2004 June On Public Display collaboration with Vanessa Fenton 3D surround soundscape composed by Illustrious choreography by Vanessa Fenton for The Royal Ballet The Linbury Theatre, The Royal Opera House, London
2004 September Giant Sound Field - collaboration 10 sound artists create pieces for a huge 100m cubic 3D soundfield Playa Belles Artes, Mexico City Recent….
2003 November to Sweetly The Air Flew Overhead 2004 January collaboration with Cathy De Monchaux 3D surround soundscape composed by Illustrious Damien B Gallery, Miami during the Miami Basle Art Fair
2003 November Six Pieces For Six Scientists multimedia/interactive performance 3D surround soundscape composed by Illustrious live musical accompaniment Martyn Ware and John Uriel live interactive VJ Jason Bruges The DANA Centre, Science Museum, London
2003 September Virtual Wishing Tree sound installation composed by Illustrious Hudson River Park, Manhattan For the The Interfaith Centre, New York
2003 August DJ v Italian Film Soundtrack multimedia/interactive performance – outdoor 3D surround soundscape composed by Illustrious live musical accompaniment Martyn Ware and John Uriel live interactive VJ Jason Bruges La Rotunda del Cinema Italiano, Venice Film Festival
2003 August Auroral Synapse collaboration with Anna Hill 3D surround soundscape arranged by Illustrious music by Iarla O’Lionaird Interactive projections by Jason Bruges Brennan Mills. Thomastown for The Kilkenny Arts Festival

Winchester Festival of Art and the Mind
posted 13/02/2004

Illustrious recommends...
The Winchester Festival of Art and the Mind, 5-7 March.
How Art Effects the Human Brain Dance, Performance, Music, Sculpture, Literature, Neuroscience, Psychology and the Cognitive Sciences come together to explore how art affects the mind and the nature of consciousness. Highlights include, in order of appearance: Richard Wiseman vs Ramachandran, Antony Gormley, Wayne McGregor, and Random Dance (Sadlers Wells), Richard Gregory, A S Byatt, Paul Brooks, Brian Eno, Gustav Metzger, Roy Ascott. For the full Festival programme and ticketing details visit: Tickets can be obtained from the Theatre Royal Winchester box office telephone: 01962 840440 Further Information: Annabel Huxley email:

Illustrious presents The Future of Sound (Part One)
posted 09/01/2004

Tuesday 17 February 7pm
The Princess Anne Theatre

A very big subject indeed... Sound is often regarded as the 'poor relation' in the field of the creative arts. Illustrious Company (Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke) are hosting a stimulating and imaginative event discussing the future of sound in all artistic and commercial fields, with the emphasis on collaborative opportunities.

Guest speakers already confirmed include Charlie Morrow (sound installation artist – New York), Jon Wozencroft (lecturer at the Royal College of Art in mixed media – runs the Touch recording label), Scanner (sound artist), Paul Gillieron (acoustician – PGAD), Raj Patel (acoustician from Arup Acoustics – New York) and Dave Ranyard (Sony Computer Entertainment – Sound Design). More to be confirmed. There will be an opportunity to hear examples of the artist's work (together with visual accompaniment) incorporating a demonstration of Illustrious' world-leading 'Heightened Reality' 3D surround sound technology. Interactive multimedia artists Anna Hill and Jason Bruges will demonstrate examples of future possibilities for collaboration between different disciplines.

A Q&A session will follow. Produced by Martyn Ware, Illustrious Company. BAFTA Members free, Non Members £10.