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Illustrious at Venice Architectural Biennale 2006!
posted 28/12/2005

Illustrious is part of a team from Sheffield headed by Jeremy Till which has won the pitch to represent Britain at the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture Giardini di Castello, Venice, September – November 2006

From an impressive shortlist of 6 contenders the British Council has selected Jeremy Till and a team from Sheffield to curate the British Pavilion for the 2006 Venice Architecture Biennale. In a public competition, the British Council invited curators to submit proposals for an exhibition that considered the issues facing Britain's regional cities and offered solutions to the future of those cities. The shortlist arising from this competition was Jeremy Till, General Public Agency, Newbetter, CJ Lim, The Architecture Foundation and a team comprising Nick Barley, Nicole Bellamy, Stephen Coates and Peter Murray.

The quality and diversity of the shortlisted responses to this brief, made the selection of a curator exceptionally challenging for this year's jury: Farshid Moussavi of FOA who represented Britain at the 2002 Biennale; Alice Rawsthorn, Director of the Design Museum; and the architecture critics Tom Dyckhoff and Deyan Sudjic; alongside Emily Campbell, Andrea Rose and Catherine Ince of at the British Council's Art, Architecture & Design department. Emily Campbell, Head of Architecture and Design at the British Council said, "Echo City resoundingly breaks the mould of architecture exhibitions, both in form and narrative. It's high time and it's exciting".

everytime I see the sea...
posted 28/12/2005

In 'every time I see the sea...', the story of how Christian Aid and its partners responded to the Indian Ocean tsunami is captured in many hundreds of facts, still photographs, footage and personal experiences.

AIG, under the guidance of creative director Malcolm Garrett and executive producer Kasper de Graaf, worked closely with the Christian Aid team on how this story would be told. Using sound from various video source materials recorded during visits by Christian Aid to India and Sri Lanka, along with original compositions, sound designers Martyn Ware and Asa Bennett of The Illustrious Company created a three-dimensional soundscape to complement and enhance the visual installation.

The Audio-Visual Design is by Timon Botez of CO-Designers, using networked computers to create a dynamic experience in which the physical exhibits become part of the unfolding narrative delivered by projectors and sound. The interactive video capture installation which is used to collect visitor feedback was developed by Malcolm Garrett and Oriol Ferrer Mesià of Fabrica, based on existing video capture software by Andy Cameron at Fabrica. Contributions made by individuals in text and moving image are added to the movie that plays continuously until interrupted by the arrival of the next new contributor.

Shortlist for Venice Architectural Biennale 2006
posted 04/12/2005

Illustrious (together with graphic designer Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic and Jeremy Till, Forced Entertainment and Encounters) have been shortlisted for the British Pavilion exhibit at the venice Architectural Biennale 2006. Their proposal relates to the creation of a virtual Shefield, semi-automatically generated by the visitors themselves.

Contribute to Amnesty /Illustrious soundscape
posted 04/12/2005

The Barge House at the OXO Tower, London is the venue for Illustrious 3D sounscape featuring telephone answering machine recordings of the public's 'imaginings' of a world without violence against women.

Contribute to the exhibition. We are encouraging members of the the public to 'imagine a world without violence against women and girls'. Your contributions will be used to form part of the exhibition.

By telephone. Please leave your thoughts on a special freephone telephone line. Call 020 7033 1599 and leave your message after the beep. Your messages will be transformed into a three-dimensional sound installation by Illustrious: Martyn Ware & Vince Clarke.

Illustrious / AIG – Christian Aid Tsunami exhibition
posted 04/12/2005

'every time I see the sea...' life after the tsunami

On 9 December 2005, Christian Aid is to launch a multi-media exhibition (featuring a three dimensional soundscape by Illustrious) remembering the Asian tsunami one year on. 'every time I see the sea...' life after the Tsunami opens at the Dray Walk Gallery at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, and will be accompanied by an online presentation. The exhibition tells how lives are being rebuilt after the worst natural disaster in living memory.

Illustrious/Museum Of London – Black Death
posted 04/12/2005

Using three-dimensional sound, Illustrious (together with New Angle Productions) has created a mutimedia exhibition for The Museum of London, about the Black Death in Medieval London. This new gallery reveals what life was like in the capital from the end of Roman rule in 410AD to the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth I in 1558. The period encompasses the Black Death, which swept across London in the middle of the 14th century killing half the capital's inhabitants, and the devastating impact of Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.

DTS / Illustrious at CES Las Vegas
posted 04/12/2005

Illustrious have been commisioned to create a bespoke 7.1 surround composition for the DTS stand at CES in Las Vegas in January 2006.

3D outdoor sound/light commission – Workington
posted 04/12/2005

Illustrious (together with architectural practice McDowell+Benedetti) are thrilled to announce that they have won a competition to create a unique outdoor lighting and three dimensional sound installation at the intersection of the two main pedestrianised shopping streetd in the center of Workington. The world-first piece will combine a luninescent, organically-shaped 'canopy' which, whilst providing necessary shelter, will contain sound and light elements, thereby energising and animating this very public place - and providing a creative resopurce for local residents and students.

Sound proposal for London Architectural Biennale
posted 04/12/2005

Illustrious have been invited to create a series of sound proposals in conjunction with a cross London walking route from the Tate Modern to Kings Cross, as part of the London Architectural Biennale in June 2006.

i-Dentity exhibition – 3D soundscape
posted 04/12/2005

The Fashion and Textile Museum commemorates i-D magazine's 25th anniversary with an appeal to the five senses. Illustrious has created a three-dimensional soundscape incorporating 50 different famous celebrities of the fashion and culture world in an invisible 'cocktail party'.

The exhibition has been open to the public since 14 October highlighting the magazine's impressive past in the fashion world. It also features ideas for the magazine's ambitious future showing that i-D plans to be around for at least another 25 years. The sophisticated and trendy exhibition displays fashion styles through music, quotes from fashion icons, a collage of magazine covers, and actual clothing. This exhibition is ideal for fashion-forward individuals as well as admirers of this artistic revolution. The Fashion and Textile Museum is located at 83 Bermondsey Street.

Trip the light fantastic exhibition – Sunderland.
posted 04/12/2005

Illustrious have been invited to exhibit a new version of their 2001 exhibition 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' at the National Glass Centre at Sunderland in February 2006 as part of a group show of light based works entitled 'Trip The light Fantastic', curated by Emma Underhill at UpProjects. Pip Rhodes (lighting designer) will collaborate with Martyn to create a new version of the work utilising glass refractions.

Imagine A World – Amnesty International Exhibition
posted 25/11/2005

Imagine a World Art Exhibition
Contemporary art, culture and politics at Imagine a World, an Amnesty International art exhibition taking place at South Bank in London.

Imagine a World brings together a collection of acclaimed artists, showcasing a varied selection of works across disciplines. The exhibition features film, sculpture, photography, painting, performance and more, from the likes of Alison Lapper, Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, Illustrious Company (Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware) and The Guerrilla Girls, focussing on issues of women's rights in the modern world. Contemporary art with a social message The principal aim of Imagine a World is to showcase cutting edge art whilst informing visitors on issues tackled by Amnesty International, particularly violence against women and sex discrimination. Visitors will be challenged and stimulated by provocative works rooted in political ideals. Imagine a World is open at Bargehouse on South Bank from 25th November – 11th December 2005. Admission is free.

BP Awards – Illustrious provides soundscapes
posted 21/10/2005

Illustrious has crteated a suite of 3D sound compositions for the BP Helios DCT 2005 Awards – each composition written to match the core brand values for each award. Another world-first!

Arts Council supports Future Of Sound tour
posted 09/10/2005

Illustrious have received great news re funding from the Arts Council to enable the Future Of Sound 2006 UK tour to happen. Dates are yet to be confirmed, but will include FACT in Liverpool, Goldsmiths in London, The Sage in Gateshead, the Norwich Arts Centre and The V&A Millennium Galleries in Sheffield A new website will be launched soon Watch this space!

re FOS4 – HMC Medialab contact details
posted 30/09/2005

The e-mail address for the hmc medialab is and the website is

Future Of Sound 4 – the best yet!
posted 23/09/2005

A large and enthusiastic audience turned up to the Royal Institution last night to witness the latest Future Of Sound event – and it was considered by all to be the most successful yet. A synopsis of all FOS events will be avaiable soon on Here are all the contributors: Martyn Ware, Brian Duffy, Paul Devereux, Flinton Chalk, Sarah Angliss, David Bickerstaff, Luciana Haill

Illustrious at 100% Design, Earls Court 2, London
posted 21/09/2005

Illustrious will be installing a SonicImaging three-dimensional soundsystem as part of the DART 100% digital stand at 100% Design at Earls Court 2 from Thursday 22nd to Sunday25th. Come and hear previously unheard examples of Illustrious' works in gorgeous three-dimensional sound. Martyn will be visiting the stand on Friday afternoon and over the weekend.

Martyn on Resonance FM tonight
posted 19/09/2005

Martyn will be doing a 90 minute 'clear spot' on Resonance FM 104.4 tonight (Mon 19 September) 7pm – 8.30pm He will be discussing the upcoming Future Of Sound 4 on Thursday, in the context of Illustrious' career and works so far. His guest will be fellow interactive artist and FOS contributor David Bickerstaff.

The Dark on show in Liverpool
posted 16/09/2005

The Dark, a three-dimensional sound experience in total darkness, is now playing at Albert Dock in Liverpool. 3D production and spatialisation by Illustrious.

posted 13/09/2005

Martyn participated today as a member of the Creativity panel at the 6th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval at Queen Mary, University of London and Goldsmith's College

Regent Street Festival – today!!
posted 04/09/2005

The Regent Sttreet Festival is on today and it is FREE! Come and see/hear the Illustrious SoundShed featuring an extract from 'Town And Country' featured last year at the V&A.

Future Of Sound 4 - buy tickets now!
posted 03/09/2005

Art is to Science as Music is to Sound...
After the success of Future of Sound 1, 2 and 3 at BAFTA and The Royal Institution in 2004, once again the RI is the venue the fourth event in this unmissable series. Sound is often regarded as the 'poor relation' in the field of the creative arts. Not any more. Illustrious Company (Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke) are hosting a stimulating 'art enabled by science' event discussing the future of sound in artistic and scientific fields, with the emphasis on creative and collaborative opportunities.

Guest speakers already confirmed include:
Jason Bruges – interactive architect/multimedia designer
Charlie Morrow – sound installation artist from New York
Paul Devereux/Flinton Chalk/Brian Barritt – Archeoacousticians
Sarah Angliss – artist working on the boundaries of art and science;
Luciana Haill – demonstrating IBVA – brainwave visualizer/music generator
Brian Duffy – conceptual sound artist working with 'redundant technolgies'
David Bickerstaff and HMC Medialab – interactive digital/sound artists

Immersion in the brave new world of interactive sonic and visual elements will be the order of the day, featuring lllustrious / SurroundAV's world-first three-dimensional 'SonicImaging' technology. In addition, the audience will be able to interact with several of the pieces, using never-before-seen combinations of nascent technologies. From the sublime to the bizarre, after Future Of Sound 4, the world will never sound quite the same again.

Illustrious piece in Charlie Morrow LA show
posted 08/08/2005

The Standard, Downtown LA The Blond Room
Monday, August 1, 6-9 P.M. and by appointment through August 8 Innovative sound artist Charlie Morrow will present his 3-D Sound Cube with his works and commissioned works by Stephen Vitiello, Michael Schumacher, The Illustrious Company, Scanner, Buster Williams, Jerome Rothenberg, Pamela Z and others.

Independent article re Shine On
posted 09/07/2005

PREVIEW: Soundscape – Metal machine music
The Independent (London), Jun 17, 2005 by Charlotte Cripps

Martyn Ware of Heaven 17 and Erasure's Vince Clarke have been creating original 3-D soundscapes for artistic projects under the auspices of Illustrious, the company they co-founded in 2000. 'We are interested in designing sound experiences that totally immerse you,' says Ware. Recent work by the duo includes 'The Dark', a sonic experience in total darkness at the Science Museum's Dana Centre; 'Sound Oasis', an installation in Mexico City's Palacio de Belles Artes; and a soundscape for the Royal Ballet's staging of Venessa Fenton's 'On Public Display' at the Royal Opera House.

Now the pair have been hanging out in metalwork factories in Sheffield, making field recordings for a three-dimensional sound design to accompany the unveiling of the Bill Brown Cutlery Collection at the newly transformed metalwork gallery at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. The newly purchased Bill Brown's Cutlery Collection is made up of 1,300 pieces, including Neolithic stone knives, a Victorian moustache spoon, and Sheffield- made tableware from 1883 to the 1950s. Ware and Clarke, who spent two days in the factories, recording hammering, grinding, and buffing, have mixed them with the sound of people eating and with testimonies from people involved in the light- metal trades industry.

What was the most interesting metalwork sound? 'There are huge drop forges for forging steel tools,' says Ware. 'The noise is so loud, everybody wears ear defenders. The sound of creating pewter bowls out of a flat disk "the milling and turning" is also amazing.' For Ware, who grew up in Sheffield, the sounds are very familiar. 'One of my earliest memories is laying in bed trying to get to sleep with the windows open in summer listening to the drop forges in the distance. Only now I've come to realise how much it influenced how I perceive music.'

From 1 July (0114-278 2600)

Hatton Gallery Newcastle
posted 07/07/2005

Fathom – The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle 2nd July - 20th August 2005
The exhibition features the work of 5 contemporary artists, all at the cutting edge of new media installation.

Illustrious Co. Ltd. was founded by Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke in 2001 to develop the creative and commercial possibilities of their unique 'Heightened Reality' 3D sound technology. Blue (you are under water) features on their 2001 album Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle. The concept for the album developed from Ware's interest in lighting design. They wanted to ally sounds to colour and mood, creating an experiential environment. Ware descibes the album as a "soundtrack to an imaginary film".

Maryanne Amarcher wins Ars Electronica Prixarts
posted 09/06/2005

The piece described below was produced in 3D surround sound by Illustrious for Maryanne Amarcher and the Sound Oasis project in Mexico City...
Digital Musics Prize Amacher Maryanne (USA): "TEO! A sonic sculpture"

Maryanne Amacher composes works of acoustic art and visualizations, and investigates the universes engendered by different forms of sound in different physical spaces. Preferred venues for the staging and performance of her works are grandiose, architecturally complex structures. As an artist who takes full advantage of all possibilities to physically customize the design of acoustic tones, she is simultaneously a philosopher and construction engineer of sounds.

The artist has been working with sound installations since 1967 and has achieved worldwide renown in this field. Her winning project, "TEO! a sonic sculpture," was conceived as a sound installation for the Esplanade des Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Many of her pioneering conceptions of spatial sound models and reciprocally influencing perceptions have been developing in the direction of acoustic installations that are now enjoying increasing popularity.

Illustrious music for Royal Ballet wins award
posted 08/06/2005

A piece written by Illustrious (entitled The New Ages Of Man) accompanying a fashion degree show for the Central St Martins student Josephina Sundt, and choreographed by Vanessa Fenton, has won the L'Oreal Total Look award. It was selected from a field of 40 entrants.

MW's DJ Debut!
posted 08/06/2005

Silicon Discotheque Friday 10th June – every second Friday of the month
Martyn Ware (Heaven 17) – Fonteyn (Computer Blue) – Jamie Winter.
T Bar, the Tea Building Shoerditch High Street, London

The first of many monthly nights kicks off this Friday at the T bar, Shoreditch, with special guests Martyn Ware, and Fonteyn.

Future Of Sound 3 success + new website
posted 19/05/2005

FOS 3 proved to be the most stimulating and unusual event yet in this continuing series. Highlights of the show included... • the first showing of a brand-new generative digital art work combined with live generated 3d sound - an ongoing collaboration with artist Tim Head, programmer Simon Schofield and Illustrious • luciana haill demonstrating her IBVA brainwave visualizer/generative music player • archeoacousticians Paul Devereux, Brian Barritt and Flinton Chalk

Further details can be found shortly on the newly-lauched FOS website – please register your interest there to receive more information

new Royal Ballet piece – world premiere tonight
posted 19/05/2005

Tonight is the world premiere of the latest Illustrious/Royal Ballet collaboration featuring the choreography of Vanessa Fenton and electronic music by Illustrious based on traditonal maypole tunes – an 8-minute suite entitled 'The New Ages Of Man' – in three-dimensional sound, echoing the movement of the dancers in typical maypole dances. The performance tonight at the Royal Opera House, Fonteyn Studio, is in collaboration with Central St Martins under-graduate Josephina Sundt, who has created costumes for the piece based around giant crochet techniques. The costumes themselves unravel to form maypole ribbons which become an integral part of the choreography.

Future Of Sound 3 lineup nearly complete
posted 02/05/2005

Future Of Sound 3 - Interact
Princess Anne Theatre 195 Piccadilly, London

After the success of Future of Sound 1 and 2 in 2004, the newly renovated 195 Piccadilly is to host the third event in this successful series. Sound is often regarded as the 'poor relation' in the field of creative arts... but not any more. The Illustrious Company (Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke) are hosting a stimulating and imaginative event discussing the future of sound in artistic, scientific and commercial fields, with the emphasis on creative and collaborative opportunities, and, this time in particular on interaction.

This immersion in the brave new world of interactive sonic and visual elements will be the order of the day, featuring lllustrious/SurroundAV's world-first three-dimensional 'SonicImaging' surround sound technology. In addition, the audience will be able to interact with several of the pieces, using never-before-seen technologies.

Confirmed guest speakers/performers include. Jason Bruges (interactive architect/multimedia designer); Charlie Morrow (sound installation artist from New York); Scanner (sound artist); Paul Devereux/Flinton Chalk/Brian Barritt (Archeo-acousticians); Tim Head (interactive visual/sound artist); Jon Wozencroft (lecturer at RCA, owns Touch label for avant-garde soundscapes); Luciana Haill (demonstrating IBVA - brainwave visualiser and music generator); Nick Laviers (Head of Sound Electronic Arts computer software company). From the sublime to the bizarre, the world will never sound quite the same after Future Of Sound 3.

Academy Members free, Non Members £10
To reserve tickets for this event please e-mail or call 020 7292 5806.

Future Of Sound 3 - 2 weeks to go
posted 26/04/2005

Future Of Sound 3 at BAFTA Piccadilly 10th May 7pm – tickets are selling fast and capacity is limited, so book your tickets now or it may be too late. It will be a night to remember, that much I guarantee! Martyn

Tribute to the life of John Uriel
posted 12/04/2005

We are devastated to announce the unexpected death of Illustrious writer and musical director John Uriel, who died suddenly in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago, age 39. John was responsible for some of the most moving and accomplished musical arrangements under the Illustrious banner, and his legacy will live on via a dedicated website to be constructed shortly. His music was always of the highest calibre, and, as Martyn's programmer and cowriter, he will be impossible to replace. More importantly, he was one of Martyn's closest friends, and we find it hard to accept that we will never see him again. Johnny Boy, we miss you. M x

Aurora Borealis Comes to the Liberties
posted 26/02/2005

Interactive exhibition in Digital Hub will teach Liberties school children about the celestial phenomenon, the planets, science and innovation.
Tuesday 1 March – Saturday 5th March 9.30- 5.30pm.

The stunning celestial phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, will be brought to life in the Liberties with the opening of an interactive exhibition for local schoolchildren launching on March 1 2005 at 11am.

The Digital Hub, through the Diageo Liberties Learning Initiative, will host the Auroral Synapse exhibition, which will use film, photographs and sound to inform and inspire children from 16 schools in the local area about innovation, space technology and the planets. The exhibition will also be open to the public from March 1st until March 4th and is free. The exhibition is sponsored by the Discover Science and Engineering programme.

The Auroral Synapse exhibition consists of film and photographs of the Northern Lights with a sound installation consisting of low radio frequency recordings, a geo-physical scientist explaining his work, and recordings of Lappish children and local musicians. The field recordings and photographs were taken during a research trip to Lapland in 2003 where the artist lived in residence in a village school supported by the Lappish Arts council. In addition, the exhibition attendees can use a small microphone that connects their breathing to the visual output of the installation as they move around it. The deeper they breathe, the brighter the visual displays become. This mirrors the traditional folklore of indigenous communities of the Arctic who sing and whistle to bring the Auroral Borealis closer to them. Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to view a presentation about the Aurora Borealis.

According to the artist and designer of the exhibition, Anna Hill, the exhibition presents a unique fusion between art, science and technology. "Auroral Synapse aims to demonstrate to children exciting, innovative and experiential uses of technology that engage their imaginations through the senses and widen their horizons by inspiring the pursuit of scientific and interdisciplinary careers," said Hill, who successfully completed a European Space Agency contract in May 2004 for a preliminary analysis for an interactive artwork for the Columbus module of the International Space Station. Anna Hill worked with sound design consultancy from Illustrious and interaction design consultancy with Jason Bruges Studio.

The interactive space has an audio soundtrack "Foxes Fire" in collaboration with Iarla O'Lionard (Realworld Records). Philip Flynn, Chief Executive Officer, The Digital Hub, said: "This exciting exhibition is another example of how the Diageo Liberties Learning Initiative is helping to make science and technology fun subjects for children. We believe that exhibits such as Auroral Synapse can encourage children to further pursue their interest in these areas." Auroral Synapse is sponsored by Discover Science and Engineering, the new national integrated awareness programme.

Leo Enright, Chairman, Discover Science and Engineering, said: "This outstanding exhibition brings together art and science in an interesting and arresting way. One of the priorities of the Discover Science and Engineering programme is to reach out to inner city communities where there is a huge potential for achievement in science and engineering by young people."

Auroral Synapse takes place in association with Discover Science and Engineering, Space Synapse and the Diageo Liberties Learning Initiative from March 1 2005 to March 4 2005 in the Digital Hub Warehouse, 10-13 Thomas Street, Dublin 8.

Martyn lecturing at Trinity College, Dublin
posted 26/02/2005

Martyn has been invited to give a lecture regarding 'the future of sound' at Trinity College, Dublin on Tuesday 1st March by Professor Marie Redmond.

The Future Of Sound Parts 3, 4 and 5 confirmed
posted 07/02/2005

The Future Of Sound Parts 3, 4 and 5 have been confirmed. The dates are TFOS3 on May 10th at BAFTA Piccadilly, London; TFOS4 on September 22nd at The Royal Institution, London and, for the first time, stateside, TFOS5 on October 6th at Crobar, New York City (one of the largest and hippest nighclubs in NYC)

MAKE architecture party
posted 17/01/2005

MAKE architecture party
posted 17/01/2005

Illustrious installed two three-dimensional soundscapes at MAKE Architecture's 1st Anniversary party. Each room had a seperate theme – in this case Art and Science – and the 500 guest were impressed by the unique nature of the sonic 'architecture'.