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Illustrious success at Emergent Objects
posted 18/12/2007

Emergent Objects: Performing Design
Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th December 2007 at the University of Leeds, UK
- now on!

Illustrious in collaboration with Jennifer G. Sheridan and Nick Bryan-Kinns and the University of Leeds have created a new 'emergent object' called 'Hoverflies' using accelerometers attached to swings driving data streams which control sound generation and spatialization using Illustrious' 3D sound capabilities. This is a world-first – live, generated 3D spatialization together with live composition created by movement. The whole event comprises performances/installations, workshops and presentations and a colloquia bringing together academic and practitioner experts in the fields of interaction design, experience design, product design, fashion and clothing, robotics, digital and media art, engineering, architecture, computing and performance.

Martyn to speak at Xmas Lecture
posted 01/12/2007

The Cybersalon/NMK/SMARTlab Xmas Lecture 07
Thursday, 6th December, 7-10.30pm
The Pavilion, University of Westminster, New Cavendish Street campus, London W1W 6UW

Music has been at the vanguard of the creative industries & has impacted upon new technologies. Digitisation and the growth of the Internet have had profound effects on music production, distribution and even the way we listen. Now music and sound are at the forefront of emerging technologies that can make truly immersive, sensorial experiences – akin to the Star Trek 'holodeck' – a step closer to reality. What does this 'Sci-fi Hi-fi' future hold for the musicians of tomorrow? Join Martyn Ware who will discuss his 'future of sound'.

Martyn is best-known as a seminal 80s pop icon and co-founder of The Human League and Heaven 17. As record producer and artist, he has contributed to recordings totaling over 50 million sales worldwide. More recently through the Illustrious Company – his recent creative venture with Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure – and his current Arts Council supported art project, Future Of Sound , Martyn has developed a reputation as a convergent media 'Svengali' - working with and showcasing some of the latest developments in immersive media and emergent technologies. The lecture will be chaired by Professor Lizbeth Goodman – Founder & Director of the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute & MAGICGamelab: currently Microsoft Senior Fellow & Chair in Creative Technology Innovation (also a well known performer and author/broadcaster) – who will share a taster of work by SMARTlab artists & SMARTlab/NESTA fellows.

Special SMARTlab Guests:
New York artist/scholar Daria Dorosh, presenting Patternwoman with soundtrack by Ian Epps with vocals by Galen Brandt, Vox Stream soundtrack by Clilly Castiglia (from the Playing Field), & The Changing Room, with music by Wolfram Tones: based on NKS Rule 30... see

World Sensorium scent sculpture by New York artist/scholar Gayil Nalls also on show/smell... see

Chris Hales' latest song-activated interactive movie... see

Fiddian Warman's latest Soda sound/robots (Sodaplay)... see

NESTA fellows digital image and sound work in progress... see

And More!!! Following the lecture there will be a drinks reception and social networking/audiovisual lounge with a surround sound DJ set from Martyn and guests utilising The Illustrious Company's 3D Audioscape facility. The SMARTlab Pirate Ship/Dance Club in Second Life will also be open for virtual clubbing...

Design Week leader article re MW and sound design
posted 21/11/2007

Let's give more credence to the emotional sides of design by Lynda Relph-Knight, editor.

'Earlier this week music legend Martyn Ware wowed a design audience by making the case for sound design. Branding groups already recognise the potential of sound, though more through jingles than through literally setting the tone. Ware maintains though that it should be key to experiential design, and yet it is rarely recognised early enough in the design process.

Ware, a founder of 1980s bands The Human League and Heaven 17, describes himself as an evangelist for sound design. He now works more broadly in sound, notably through Illustrious, set up with Vince Clarke to work on the 'sound' of spaces, and through the Future of Sound, to bring experimental music and sound-related performance to the public. He believes in the convergence of the arts, through collaboration. But sadly, he says, sound is rarely considered as a creative force in commercial design. Certainly, there is no sound designer among the Royal Designers for Industry – though with digital and film designers starting to make the grade it may not be too far off – and none of design's membership bodies appear to have a category for it.

With greater circumspection this could change, following the lead taken by the Royal College of Art in making Brian Eno, once of Bryan Ferry's band Roxy Music and now more deeply involved in sound, an Honorary Senior Fellow last summer.

Sound isn't the only environmental aspect of design that is overlooked (possibly because you can't see it). Lighting designers have been campaigning for greater recognition since the late 1980s when they came together as a professional group to promote their cause. Lighting design groups such as Spiers and Major Associates and Isometrix are now recognised as among the greats, but more could be done. Light and sound arguably do at least as much as space, form and texture to evoke an emotional response to a design, with even car door clicks and computer whirrs coming into the equation.

Great design should encompass all of this, so let's give it more credence.'

Biggest ever Future Of Sound event!
posted 10/11/2007

Last night the largest ever audience for an FOS event enjoyed another successful sell-out performance at the British Library. Over 700 people turned up for a memorable evening of avant-garde performances by Illustrious, the Modified Toy Orchestra, Scanner, Tal Rosner and the Sancho Plan in stunning three dimensional sound hosted by Martyn – the largest ever crowd for an event of any kind at the British Library so far.

Report on Sound Oasis CSULB
posted 10/11/2007

From Francisca Rivero-Lake... Sound Oasis at CSULB was a beautiful experience. Each work transformed the site in an impressive way. It was very surprising to me the way in which each composition took a new meaning according to the schedule and the relation to the Campus’s activities. Opening night (Saturday 6 October) was great, some 100 people gathered around impressed with the immersive experience of the sound system and the beauty of the sounds.

Around 9pm Martyn started his DJ set showing real-time the possibilities of the specialisation in the 3D Sound System. He played classic 80s music with a twist for about an hour. People showed a lot of interest and I got many congratulations on his behalf. It was great to see Guillermo Galindo that came from San Francisco and Elizabeth Blaney from Ultra-red who brought alone her family.

Next Day (Sunday 7 October) with clear blue sky I took time to submerge myself on the sounds. Sadly there was some interference that sounded a little bit like static on the sound system. The problem was solved next day and, it all ran smoothly after that! On Monday October 8th Luz María Sánchez, Elizabeth Blaney and Leonardo Vilchis from Ultrared, Carla Verea and myself gave a panel of discussion and talked to some 50 people about Sound Oasis and the individual works by the present artists. There where interesting questions and good remarks from the public.

From then on, the week passed by with clear-blue-skies. Like a snowball, students gathered at the site each day bringing new people to experience something they had never seen or heard before. At the site, two information boards explained the show and the individual works according to the time of transmission. Next to the boards flyers where available to the students so they could read further more about the project.

10 am – R A D I O Q U A L I A .sol. started the show each morning. Its abstract quality was a beautiful kind of starting-off the engines, a warm up. The “ambient” mood the work spread out was perfect for the time of day and had great response with the students.

11 am – Chris Watson. Tren fantasma. Took everyone by surprise each day! Each time when the sample of La Bamba appeared someone got on their feet and danced on the spot. This also happened in Mexico and I was surprised and thankful that also happened in Long Beach!! The traveling soundscape made the listeners much more conscious about their own surrounding sounds.

12 pm – Luz María Sánchez. 20.04.2004 took a whole new life. When the shouts of the protests that compose a part of the work started, it made all of the students turn their heads looking for the “phantom” protest that had existed years ago in a far away place. It was delightful to bring Mexico’s urban noise into the quietness of Campus. Since noon was lunch break it was the most crowded moment of the day.

1 pm – Slavek Kwi. Rattlesnake had also plenty of people laying around on lunch break at the site. The beauty of the composition and the delicate urban and animal sounds turned the rather peaceful and quiet site into urban enchantment.

2 pm – Manuel Rocha. B-36-A transformed the site into an abstract bubble of textures. Massive alteration of the site by the sounds. Students gathered around in small groups and lay on the site for hours.

3 pm – The Illustrious Company. Time piece. Perfectly refreshing!

4 pm Rogelio Sosa. Organa took a totally new live at the site, since there where no Organ Grinders, and/or had never been heard before by most of the students. So, the sounds that no longer relate to the much experienced sounds of the Bellas Artes site with the Organ Grinders, gave a kind of “independence” to the work.

5 pm – Gal*in_dog. Divox. The same as in the first run, charming and delightful!

6 pm – Ultra-Red. Mariachi Plaza. I need to give a special thanks to Ultra-Red for the bridge that they started with this work in between California and Mexico.

When I first experienced the work in Mexico, that I knew was inspired in a parallel situation o the Mariachis in Mexico and LA, I never thought we would have the opportunity to show the work again and on the other side of the border. The composition was perfect for the time frame since it started with daylight and ended at night. The mariachi conversation samples and sounds totally took the site as guest ghosts.

7 pm – Mario de Vega. Periferia is a very powerful and playful work. It made the site spin non-stop! The work had fans that I saw coming back in different days to experience the composition!

8 pm – Merzow. Snail. As the last work of the show, each night, snail brought mystery and emotion to the site. By this time of night temperature had fallen a couple of degrees, the site was mostly empty with some students gathering around to play and take time to relax before returning home. Its massive textures and masterful composition created in the site virtual architectures constantly changing and redefining time and space. Beautiful.

You can all have a look at some images taken at the site on this link. Please visit and post comments if you have any.

Illustrious at Emergent Objects, University of Leeds
posted 31/10/2007

Emergent Objects: Performing Design
Monday 17th – Wed 19th December 2007 at the University of Leeds, UK
Illustrious are working with Jennifer G. Sheridan at University of Leeds to create a new 'emergent object' called 'hoverflies' using accelerometers attached to swings driving data streams which control sound generation and spatialization. The whole event will compriseof performances/installations, workshops and presentations and a colloquia bringing together academic and practitioner experts in the fields of interaction design, experience design, product design, fashion and clothing, robotics, digital and media art, engineering, architecture, computing and performance.

Tickets going fast for FOS at British Library
posted 31/10/2007

Tickets for the Future Of Sound show at the British Library on November 9th are selling fast – if you wish to buy tickets, the weblink is Featuring Modified Toy Orchestra, Scanner, Illustrious, Tal Rosner and the Sancho Plan - also featuring Laurent Louyer's huge spherical projection spheres – don't miss it!

Martyn to speak at Design Week dinner
posted 29/10/2007

Martyn has been invited to speak at the Design Week dinner at The Ivy on 12th November to an audience of luminaries from the British design industry.

Ghost Machine at V&A Museum London
posted 26/10/2007

Tonight, Illustrious has created the first iteration of a new installation strand entitled 'Ghost Machine' as part of the V&A late event called 'Who's Afraid Of The Dark?' This is a one-off event running from 2000 until 0200 Saturday 26th October 2007 morning ‘In a darkened and atmospheric Cast Court, strange sound phantasms move in uncanny ways through the air, creating a frisson to match the most haunted house. Apparently solid and yet invisible sonic ectoplasm (sonoplasm) appears to pass around and even through the observer’s body – almost forgotten ancestral memories are jolted back to life by drifting shards of human and subhuman speech. Martyn Ware and Asa Bennett from Illustrious Company have created a three-dimensional visitation which will inhabit the Cast Court for one night only.’

World first - 3DDJ set at CSULB, California
posted 09/10/2007

At the launch of Sound Oasis at California State University Long Beach, Martyn performed the world's first 3D DJ set to great acclaim. Sound Oasis continues until October 13th at CSULB from 10am - 9pm every day – 11 hours of 3D composition from some of the worlds leading sound artists.

Future Of Sound in Sheffield - tkts available
posted 09/10/2007

Tickets are now available for the Future Of Sound event at Sheffield Hallam University on Wednesday October 17th hosted by Martyn and featuring Modified Toy Orchestra, The Sancho Plan, Tal Rosner, Flinton Chalk and Luciana Haill. Should be one of the best yet – featuring a 4 storey high 3D Sound System.

Martyn lectures at University of California
posted 03/10/2007

Martyn will be giving a lecture about soundscape production to the students at University of California Irvine on Thursday 4th October.

Weblog re Martyn at Red Bull Music Academy
posted 28/09/2007 'Hard Ware reporting from Jeff Mao Term 1, Day 3 Days earlier I'd noticed our Day 3 guest lecturer seated at the Academy content team table contentedly grooving out to vintage Cameo, Tom Tom Club, and other classics emanating from his laptop. Little did I realize that this was, in fact, the illustrious Martyn Ware - co-founder of essential '80s UK bands Human League and Heaven 17, super-producer to many others, and today global sound design maestro.

Obsessed with the synthesizer ever since he heard the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations as a young'un, Mr. Ware told us he'd formed the major League with friend Ian Craig Marsh after opting to invest some of his hard earned savings (from his day job as a computer operator) into one of the aforementioned funky music machines instead of a car. (Thank goodness for public transportation.) He described himself as "an appalling keyboard player." But armed with the post-punk era's DIY ethos, a love for all things key(board)ed up (from Kraftwerk to Bernie Worrell), and time to experiment and rehearse (important words, those two, don't forget 'em) within the plentiful dead industrial space within his hometown Sheffield, great musical accidents would happen.

John Peel championed HL's Being Boiled (the kind of tune that should've if it didn't, in fact, birth Pharrell's whole shit), and the rest, as they say, is history: after splitting from Human League (and being called "the un-aesthetic part of the band" by former partner Philip Oakey), he'd enjoy the last laugh and enormous success with Heaven 17, form BEF (British Electric Foundation) and spur Tina Turner's comeback, and helm the debut of Terence Trent D'Arby (described by Ware at that time as simply, "a god" talent and aura-wise).

For the benefit of the vocalists in our audience Martyn recalled a particular memory of working on that project: D'Arby would go into the studio hours before sessions to listen to and study Sam Cooke and Otis Redding vocals in preparation, and the results certainly showed. In other words, people, fail to prepare or prepare to fail. Ware also discussed his current profession and obsession: sound design and sound installations exploring the possibilities of 3-D sound with partner Vince Clake of Erasure.

Illustrious is their company, and with any luck in addition to the plethora of other ambitious projects under their belt they'll soon be re-creating the sonic landscape of the Coliseum in Rome from waaay back in the ancient day - in essence a virtual audio time travel experience. Some wonderful shit to ponder as Heaven 17 serenaded us out the door with Let Me Go. '

red bull music academy toronto
posted 24/09/2007

Martyn will be giving a lecture and podcast interview as part of the RBMA in Toronto.

Martyn hosts talk show at London Design Week
posted 12/09/2007

Martyn will be hosting a talk show called Emergence at iDesign in the foyer of the Purcell Rooms/RFH next Wednesday 19th September between 1315 and 1415. Press release... Martyn Ware is best known as a seminal 80s pop icon as co-founder of The Human League and Heaven 17. However, through the Illustrious Company – his recent creative venture with Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure – and his current Arts Council supported convergent art project, the Future Of Sound, Martyn has been working with and showcasing some of the latest developments in convergent media and emergent technologies.

For Creatively Digital he invites a selection of practitioners at the forefront of interactivity to share and discuss their work - guests include: Jason Bruges - founder of the Jason Bruges Studio which creates installations, sculptures and environments that focus on interaction with the individual and the environment Ross Phillips - Head of Interactive at SHOWstudio - an online fashion broadcasting company committed to pioneering, live fashion media and led by photographer Nick Knight Fiddian Warman - Managing Director and a Soda founder who has steered the company's evolution in developing creative tools that help communities work, play and learn together

Illustrious 3D soundscape for Galleries Lafayette
posted 12/09/2007

Today is the launch (attended by the Minister For Culture) of 'La France C'est Renversant' - a store wide series of artistic interventions in the Galleries Lafayette department store, Paris. Illustrious has created a 3D soundscape reinventing the spirit of the Pigalle for the 21st Century. Here is the press release... France upside down... and inside out! Take another look at the Eiffel Tower From 12th September to 6th October Galeries Lafayette takes you on a journey through French design, creation, innovation and tradition...under the artistic direction of Hilton MCCONNICO.

Martyn hosts 'Talk Show' London Design Festival
posted 02/08/2007

Martyn will be hosting a talk show regarding his work with Future Of Sound at iDesign: design for life 18 September 2007 (9.00am - 5.30pm) Purcell Room, Southbank Centre Part of the London Design Festival (, this one day conference will explore the effects of the internet, convergence and mobile media on people's lives. It is an opportunity for digital industry experts and innovators to candidly discuss the benefits they bring to society, their ambitions and aspirations. Our world is increasingly filled with wild and wonderful gadgets, new technologies, ground breaking digital services, but what does this really mean for the individual? Overview of the event This dynamo london produced event will bring together some of the foremost thinkers and experts to discuss and debate the real impact of digital technology, services and content in an exciting interactive event.

Attending the event will be digital industry experts, innovators, marketers, technologists and producers with representatives from a broad range of society for a day of challenging opinions and discussion... Digital is fast becoming central to many people’s social experience. The event will provide an opportunity for anyone and everyone to engage with cutting edge digital interactive technology, services and content, and to engage directly with the pioneers at the forefront of the revolution. Now is the time for UK’s various media industries to discuss how interactive media works for them, how it is influencing their industry and shaping the future for their craft, and to hear how they feel about the work they do, and the impact it has on their lives. The event will provide a unique educational experience, and a rare opportunity for the pioneers to reach beyond the somewhat introspective industry, and sing loud and proud about what they do.

Martyn to lecture at Harvard Forum
posted 28/07/2007

Harvard Graduate School of Design Professional Development Program August 8 - 10, 2007 ? Cambridge, MA “Experience Architecture” unites narrative content and media technology to offer a dynamic approach to the built environment. This design orientation focuses on the guest experience, and highlights an emerging marketplace for projects that use stories as a source of design inspiration. This approach invites architects to integrate new forms of media into their building vocabulary, and to create environments that are more effective channels for expressing ideas and emotions. It’s influencing a wide range of commercial and cultural building types, from retail and brand environments to museums and public places across the country.

Machinima Festival
posted 25/07/2007


De Montfort University’s Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT) today announced the award categories for Europe’s first Machinima festival, which it will host in October this year. The award categories will be judged by a distinguished panel including: award winning author and Reader in Creative Writing and New Media at DMU, Kate Pullinger; Martyn Ware, artist and record producer, who was a founding member of the pop group The Human League and who also formed Heaven 17; and, Hugh Hancock, Artistic Director of Strange Company, and inventor of the word “Machinima”. The award categories include: Best Picture; Best Direction; Best Visual Design; Best Technical Achievement; Best Series; Best Experimental Machinima; Best Student Machinima; Best Sound; Best Commercial Machinima; Best Story.

The deadline for entry submission is 1st September 2007. Anyone wishing to submit an entry for one or more of the categories should visit the festival’s website at

Martyn to lecture at Red Bull Academy,Toronto
posted 23/07/2007

Martyn has been asked to lecture at this year's Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto Sep-Oct 2007

Illustrious partnership with Space Synapse
posted 23/07/2007

Anna Hill's company Space Synapse has asked Martyn to join the Advisory Board. Anna Hill writes... 'Space Synapse systems, an interactive sculpture for an orbiting spacecraft - is about sharing the human experience of space missions. It symbolises a "nerve centre" of new thought inspired by the experiences of humans in orbit. It symbolises a bottom up and top-down distributed system of participation. Its purpose is to inspire and catalyse human evolution through a cultural engagement with the experience of space. The overview effect* that humans experience in orbit will become available to us all. The realisation of the unity and ecological interdependence of all life on Earth, irrespective of political boundaries, digital and economic divides, will encourage life sustaining thought and actions.'

Illustrious partnership with Space Synapse
posted 23/07/2007

Anna Hill's company Space Synapse has asked Martyn to join the Advisory Board. Anna Hill writes... 'Space Synapse systems, an interactive sculpture for an orbiting spacecraft, is about sharing the human experience of space missions. It symbolises a "nerve centre" of new thought inspired by the experiences of humans in orbit. It symbolises a bottom up and top-down distributed system of participation. Its purpose is to inspire and catalyse human evolution through a cultural engagement with the experience of space. The overview effect* that humans experience in orbit will become available to us all. The realisation of the unity and ecological interdependence of all life on Earth, irrespective of political boundaries, digital and economic divides, will encourage life sustaining thought and actions.'

Machinima Festival Europe 07
posted 19/07/2007

Martyn has agreed to be on the judging panel for the music awards/ film competition of the De Montfort University Machinima Festival 2007. Machinima Festival Europe 07

Launch of 5D – the future of Immersive Design
posted 08/06/2007

The Art Directors Guild and the University Art Museum (California State University, Long Beach) have invited Martyn to become part of the Founding Committee celebrating a groundbreaking conference: 5D: The Future of Immersive Design – Film, TV, Animation, Interactive, Environment. 5D will examine how the powerful tools of today’s technology have catapulted design to a central role in the creation of narrative media. 5D will be directed at a professional and academic audience that will encourage a dynamic interplay of ideas both practical and theoretical. Students, studying design in all its manifestations, at CSULB, USC, the Art Center College of Design, California Institute of the Arts as well as the range of Southern California colleges and universities will also be invited to attend.

Greatest Hits from the Future Of Sound
posted 05/06/2007

Wednesday night (5 June) sees an event to discuss the creative fallout from the Future Of Sound tour at the Kinetica museum in Spitalfields from 6-8pm. This is presented in conjunction with Cybersonica.

Greenwich Royal Observatory opens tomorrow
posted 24/05/2007

After £16m and five years of extensive redevelopment, the Greenwich Royal Observatory will finally open its doors to the public tomorrow. Design group Thomas Matthews has been leading the redevelopment. It has worked on the refurbishment of the Space Galleries and the creation of an exhibition for the past two years. Its work has extended to graphics and signage for the attraction.

Immersive sound designers Illustrious have created seven interlocking surround soundscapes for the Galleries, as well as composing a brand new 5.1 soundtrack to accompany the signature show for the new Planetarium. The 45-tonne, bronze-clad Peter Harrison Planetarium is set to steal the show, with 120 seats, housing one of the most advanced digital laser projectors in the world. Alongside the bronze cone will be the new Astronomy Galleries and Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust Learning Centre, partly funded by a £6.78m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The new Royal Observatory is part of the National Maritime Museum and was originally designed in 1675 by Sir Christopher Wren.

Kenzo experiential branding launch
posted 17/05/2007

Illustrious, in collaboration with Skrapic Consulting, has created a series of immersive 3D soundscapes to accompany an experiential brand installation to launch Kenzo's new male fragrance in Paris next week.

Queen to visit Illustrious Planetarium Show
posted 17/05/2007

Illustrious has completed the composition of the surround soundtrack for the inaugural show at the brand new Peter Harrison Planetarium. The Queen and Prince Philip will be the first people to witness the show next week at the grand opening on the 22nd and it opens to the public on 25th May.

Illustrious perform at Enter Festival,Cambridge
posted 22/04/2007

YouTube / Illustrious / Late at Tate
posted 22/04/2007

Final Future Of Sound Tour show
posted 11/04/2007

The FOS event at Queen Mary College, University of London will be the last event in the highly successful and totaslly sol-out tour. Illustrious are hoping to confirm further dates in the near future.

Martyn and Cybersonica Soundwaves commissions
posted 11/04/2007

Martyn will be sitting on the selection panel for the SoundWaves Cybersonica 07 commissions tomorrow (12th April).

Illustrious at Cybersonica's Late At Tate
posted 06/04/2007

Tonight's event will feature 'greates hits' from Illustrious 3D sound work from the last 5 years in a 2 x 2 hour loop in the Rotunda at Tate Britain, Moorbank beyween 6pm and 10pm this evening. Visual accompanim,ent will be provided by body/space/art's VJ installation onto a projection sphere suspended within the space.

'Sound is as important as visual design'
posted 25/03/2007

Go to for a lively responses to Illustrious' assertion about the above topic on the Dynamo London website

Professorial debut at University of London!
posted 21/03/2007

Martyn will be making his inaugural speech as Visiting Professor at Queen Mary College, University Of London on Thursday 22nd March. The theme will be 'Multiple Futures Of Sound'.

Martyn takes part in QuickFire for B-Tween
posted 21/03/2007

Martyn has been invited to participate in an event organised by B-Tween featuring 14 short and structured presentations give attendants a clear overview of emerging practice and digital innovation across the shifting industrial landscape. he will be discussing these matters from a music industry perspective. The Concept The government neatly divide the creative industries into 13 distinct sectors. Anyone working in the creative industries knows that the barriers between these sectors are increasingly blurred. Quickfire will invite 13 presenters, one from each of the sectors, to talk about how connectivity changes their relationship with each other and the market. Each speaker will present their favourite project or give an overview of their work in a Quickfire format (14 PowerPoint slides/ 30 seconds per slide). The audience will be taken on a journey across the complete creative industries and gain a clear vision of a market going through seismic shifts in the information revolution It should be an interesting, contentious and thought provoking evening So far confirmed are:
Ghislaine Boddington and Armand Terruli - Architecture
Fiddian Warman – Arts and Antiques ( his choice ;-))
Charles Cecil – Games
Richard Adams – Advertising>
Ruth and Bruno – Performing Arts
James Boardwell – craft
Adam Gee – TV and Radio
Matt Hanson

New Flickr photo page for FOS
posted 19/03/2007

BFI South Bank and Illustrious
posted 14/03/2007

To mark the opening of the newly renovated BFI South Bank complex Illustrious provided a 3D soundscape in collaboration with visuals provided by D-Fuse. The piece, titled '2007 fps-A London conversation' was premiered at the official opening March 13. The event was attended by over 1,000 invited guests, and officially opened by Culture Minister the Rt.Hon Tessa Jowell, MP. The installation can be seen each evening between 6.30pm and 9.30pm up to and including Saturday March 18. Featuring extracts from the National Film archive, the visual and 3D sound collage immerses the observer in a distillation of the essence of London.

3D soundscape at the NFT re-opening
posted 07/03/2007

In collaboration with d-Fuse and the NFT, Illustrious is composing a new outdoor 3D soundscape with accompanying giant projections based on the films of London from the new digitized National Film Archive for the opening of the new BFI South Bank building on 13th March.

Live webcast of Future of Sound
posted 27/02/2007

On Thursday 1st March, there will be a live FOS webcast direct from Goldsmiths College in London At 7pm – 9.45pm UK time the URL is

weblink for Future Of Sound article
posted 17/02/2007

Martyn's chat show at InnovAction Fair, Udine
posted 17/02/2007

Martyn devizes and hosts a chat show at the InnovAction Fair at Udine in NE Italy - featuring guests Andy Cameron from Fabrica, Luciana Haill from IBVA, Lewis Sykes from Cybersonica and the Sancho Plan, Mike Faulkner from D-Fuse and Brian Duffy from Modified Toy Orchestra.

BBC News 24 FOS video
posted 01/02/2007

To see this, go here...

FOS at the Sage Gateshead in 5 days!
posted 21/01/2007

Tickets are selling fast for the two Future Of Sound shows this week at the SAGE Gateshead To buy tickets, please go to There will be an impressive selection of artists on show demonstrating their personal views of the future, and a fantastic version of the 3D sound system with several unique performances.

Another sellout success for Future Of Sound
posted 21/01/2007

The FOS event in Sheffield on Thursday night was a jam-packed success, despite the appaling weather and travel conditions.

Tickets for FOS Millennium Galleries, Sheffield
posted 12/01/2007

...are running out fast. Don't wait until the evening, they may well have sold out. Go to for more details £7/4,50

Martyn participates in National Gallery podcast
posted 04/01/2007

The January National Gallery podcast is now online, featuring Illustrious' composition with Cathy De Monchaux and Martyn's musings on the possibilities of creating soundscapes to accompany existing artworks.

Illustrious 3D DJ's at Dynamo London
posted 04/01/2007

Martyn and Dan Kirby from DKPM performed a world first 3D DJ set at the Globe Theatre in London to celebrate the inaugural meeting of the new media organisation Dynamo London.

Tickets for FOS at the Sage Gateshead
posted 04/01/2007

Please visit this link to purchase tickets for the FOS events at the Sage Gateshead

Photos of Future of Sound now available
posted 04/01/2007