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N E W S : R E P O R T S : 2 0 1 2
Strictly Limited Edition of 1000
posted 19/10/2012

Some twelve years ago, Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware combined forces and released the albums Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle and Pretentious. These two releases captured the relaxing nether world of ambient sculpturing and atmospheric soundscaping.

Since the turn of the millennium the pair have continued their project to assemble a totally unique collection of music.
The result is the epic The House of Illustrious box set, consisting of 8 CD's of unreleased material plus the original two albums. Not only that, but the entire package is housed in a unique collectable box set of the highest standard and quality.
The House Of Illustrious is available for pre-order now exclusively from Lexer Music and is a strict single run batch of 1000 deluxe boxsets. Once this batch has sold none of the music will be released in physical format again.
Each deluxe boxset is individually numbered and signed by Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware. This makes for a package that is desirable, collectable and encompasses a truly enormous musical landscape.
Illustrious Tales From The Bridge soundscape
posted 1/10/2012

Illustrious Tales From The Bridge soundscape will be transmitted as part of The Dark Outside project next Saturday 6th October

Details here...

Listen to the whole composition and read the script
posted 30/7/2012

The 3D soundscapes ‘Tales From The Bridge’ at the Millennium Bridge and ‘Heroes’ at The Bobby Moore Bridge at Wembley Stadium are both now in full effect...

‘Tales From The Bridge’ will run from 8am – 10pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 10pm Saturday – Sunday until 10 September.

‘Heroes’ will run from 8am – 10pm every day until 13 August.

There is a link to listen to the entire soundscape here...

and the entire script is here...

World's largest 3D soundscape on Millennium Bridge in London during the Olympic period
posted 25/6/2012

Composed by Martyn Ware in collaboration with artistic director David Bickerstaff, ‘Tales from the Bridge’ is a mesmerizing three-dimensional soundscape covering the entire length of the Millennium Bridge. It features an hour-long looping immersive ambient electronic musical composition merged with an engaging spoken narrative written by the poet Mario Petrucci and voiced by Mia Austen and Steven Alexander, and the stunning Water Night by Eric Whitacre

Inspired by the fascinating history of the Thames and the stories life and times on both banks of the river,  Illustrious has created a contemplative auditory platform that links the City of London in the north with the Southbank and vice versa. Award-winning poet Mario Petrucci was invited by Bickerstaff and Ware to produce a collection of written passages assembled from literary forms such as short poems, atmospheric descriptions, local anecdotes, facts and figures. These beautifully conceived passages were collated into a script, then woven into the three-dimensional soundfield by Martyn Ware.

In addition, at the start of each hour, an astounding invisible 3,746-voice strong choir from 73 countries – Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - will perform ‘Water Night’ written by Grammy winning composer, Eric Whitacre, based on a short poem by Octavio Paz.

Also, interaction designer Daniel Hirschmann has created interactive technology which will enable a webcam mounted on the City Of London School to examine footfall at various points on the bridge, triggering sounds which will flow back and forth across the river. Visitors will therefore be able to participate in this unique and constantly changing composition.

Between July and September, between 8am and 10pm every day, the final composition will immerse the listener in an oasis of peace and contemplation, half-remembered dreams and thoughts, of meditation and learning. The Millennium Bridge will seem to be almost alive, speaking its own thoughts to over 4 million people during the exhibition period.

The installation has been created with endorsement of The Noise Abatement Society.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir
3,746 voices from 73 countries
Composed and Conducted by Eric Whitacre
Poetry by Octavio Paz
Launched April 2012 at Lincoln Center, New York
Supported by Titanic Belfast, DCINY (Distinguished Concerts International New York), J.W. Pepper, and Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Produced by Music Productions Ltd.
Eric Whitacre is signed to Universal Records:


Martyn Ware                             

Born in 1956 in Sheffield. Formed the Human League in 1978. Formed multimillion selling act Heaven 17 in 1980, and is still touring around the world. As record producer and artist has featured on recordings totalling over 50 million sales worldwide during a 35-year career to date. Martyn founded Illustrious Co. Ltd. with Vince Clarke in 2000 to exploit the creative and commercial possibilities of their unique 3DAudioScape immersive sound technology in collaboration with fine artists, the performing arts and public and private institutions around the world.  He is also an expert in the ‘convergent’ multimedia art world, and has founded sound-branding company SonicID, and lectures extensively internationally. Martyn is a Visiting Professor at Queen Mary College, University of London, a member of BAFTA, and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. He will receive an Honorary Doctorate from QMUL in July 2012. Major works include Sound Oasis (Mexico City 2006) and Soundlife London (Leicester Square 2010).

David Bickerstaff

David Bickerstaff is an artist and award-winning filmmaker who founded Atomictv in 1997 as an umbrella organisation for developing digital art projects and collaborations. His digtal and video works such as Channel 14, Muhammad Speaks, Forró, Braunschweig Tourist, and Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl have been shown both in Britain and internationally. He was a member of the 2004 BAFTA judging panel for Interactive Art and is currently the Creative Director at Newangle Productions, a commercial partnership that produces video installations and interactives for museums and visitor attractions. He has won various awards for his projects including an Insight Award for Excellence from the National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists in the US.

Mario Petrucci

Mario Petrucci is a metaphysical poet of international standing, an ecologist and PhD physicist. He is the only poet to have been resident at the Imperial War Museum and with BBC Radio 3, and has received major literary prizes across the board (National Poetry Competition (3rd); four times winner of the London Writers competition; Bridport Prize (winner); New London Writers Award). His book-length poem on Chernobyl, Heavy Water (Enitharmon 2004), captured the prestigious Arvon Prize for poetry and forms the backbone of a powerful new film (Seventh Art Productions). His other volumes include Flowers of Sulphur (2007), i tulips (2010) and the waltz in my blood (2011). He devises courses for the Poetry School, the Poetry Society’s Poetryclass initiative and Arvon/Foyle Young Poets. Mario is something of a frontiersman in creative writing projects in the public domain, engaging successfully with the various Imperial War Museum sites and delivering groundbreaking writing packs that tie into science (The Royal Society/ Royal Literary Fund) and ecology (Poetry Society). Mario is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow and lives in north London.

Eric Whitacre

Eric Whitacre is a Grammy-award winning pioneer in composition who has a rare talent, combining originality with popularity. The innovation that he has brought to the music world through his ground-breaking Virtual Choir has brought exceptional visual and audio beauty to the digital space, creating a unique connection between singers around the world.  He is one of the most performed composers of our time, a distinguished conductor, broadcaster and public speaker with a wide spectrum of media and corporate engagements across the globe. A versatile composer, Eric has written for the London Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Chanticleer, Julian Lloyd Webber and the Philharmonia Orchestra, Berlin Rundfunkchor and he co-wrote the Mermaid Theme for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with legendary film composer, Hans Zimmer.  Eric is Composer in Residence at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, UK.

Daniel Hirschmann

Daniel Hirschmann is a South Africa born artist who uses technology, relationships and spontaneity to enable his artistic practice. His portfolio includes responsive sculpture, interactive spaces and generative prints which have been exhibited in shows around the world, most notably, the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art in NY, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the V&A in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Nice, and the Resolution Gallery in Johannesburg. He built on his Fine Arts studies with a Masters at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program – where he specialised in physical computing and interactive sculpture. He has lectured at various highly respected institutions around the globe.

In 2010 he founded Hirsch & Mann Ltd – an art and design consultancy based in East London which is focused on responsive objects and environments. In 2011 he co-founded Technology Will Save Us, a haberdashery for technology and alternative education space helping people to become producers and not just consumers of technology.

posted 12/4/2012

Illustrious are very pleased to announce their participation as sound artists in the BTArtBox project...

The BT Artbox project will see over 40 British and international artists creating replicas of the original K6 telephone kiosk, which was introduced in 1936 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the coronation of King George V, in their own style. These will be displayed throughout London in areas including Royal Parks, the streets of Soho and Camden, in the London Aquarium, and outside Big Ben throughout June and July. 

Later the BTArtBoxes will be auctioned in aid of Childline.

Regents Park July - September 2012
posted 3/3/2012

As part of a large scale event called Invisible City featuring sustainable architectural structures built around and amongst the trees north of the boating lake, Illustrious will be creating a 3D soundscape featuring the sounds of children playing and singing around the world.

posted 17/2/2012

Illustrious will be helping to create a 3D soundscape at Winchester Cathedral this autumn with composer Marvin Ayres as part of his ‘Sacred Spaces’ series of compositions.

The idea behind ‘Sacred Spaces’, Marvin Ayres's latest project, is to use incongruous places for composition and performance and reawaken the inherent and/or dormant spirit residing in these unlikely locations. “Pilgrims in search of sonic beauty”. These include anything from derelict industrial sites to historical places of interest, (incorporating National Trust and English Heritage ) and re-appropriating them for musical purposes.

‘Sacred Spaces’ is an ongoing and evolving project with recordings in different environments. The instruments will be randomly tuned to compliment the environments, and microphones will be used to pick up the full ambience of the spaces once excited by the cellos, violins and violas.
One element which will link all the locations will be the same series of notes which will be assembled to create one collective piece composed from the overtones, sustains and reverberations recorded in each environment.
The intention is to return to some of the locations at a later stage to perform the compositions that were inspired by and recorded there.
To accompany these journeys, the project will be documented with a film diary.

Marvin Ayres is a British modern-classical composer, cellist, violinist, pianist and producer. He has composed and recorded a diverse selection of minimalist albums, incorporating spatial soundscapes and psycho-acoustics and latterly 5.1 and True 3D Surround in the ‘Wall Of Waves’ Studio.

Marvin will be recording in the north transept on 24 february, and be filmed by the director Peter Lydon. He will be exhibiting a 9.1 surround sound installation of the recording in the same part of the cathedral at some point next year in collaboration with Illustrious.

Two more locations are confirmed for March and April: Concorde at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, and The Big Pit coal mine in Wales. More details to follow.

Collaboration with Nikky Norton
posted 15/2/2012

Illustrious is creating a 3D soundworld to accompany Nikky Norton’s one woman show: Digging Deep presents ‘The Adventures of Sky – The Reluctant Hero’.

Digging Deep produces storytelling adventures for adults – who said being deep couldn't be fun?!

‘The Adventures of Sky – The Reluctant Hero’ includes a unique collaboration with an exceptional creative team including:
• 3D Sound Designer Martyn Ware.
• Animation by EmilyandAnne commissioned by the Cornerhouse.
• Pervasive Gaming and events by Larkin About.

Sky’s mum and dad live on the moon.

Sky had high hopes when she moved to Grey Town.

She did NOT predict she would be unable to sleep... at all... for six months!

After not leaving the house in this time she decides to take a huge step into the outside world at 3am in the morning. The world just doesn't feel the same as it used to...

As nightmares, dreams and reality blur can she find heroic capabilities to find her way back home?

Silly and serious at the same time The Adventures of Sky – The Reluctant Hero challenges:

• ‘What is real?’
– exploring dreams, fantasy, mental health and perception.
– playing with definitions and assumptions about what it means to have a breakdown.
• What can be lost?
• What can be gained?

Written, performed, designed by Nikky Norton Shafau.
Directed by Chris Sudworth

The 3D Sound System is an innovative software that will create an immersive world for elements of the narrative; a magical sonic realism will be created that will give the audience an experience of being ‘present’ in the piece.

Produced in partnership with Contact Theatre, Manchester; MC Theatre, Amsterdam and The Core at Corby Cube. Mentored by Fuel.

The piece is a result of winning the Flying Solo Pitch Party 2011 at Contact Theatre.

Please come along to a ‘Work in Progress’ sharing at Contact Theatre on 3 March 2012, 7.30pm. Limited tickets are available: £5/£3

For more information contact oliversykes

Facebook: Sky The Reluctant Hero
Tweet: @Sky_DiggingDeep to hear about prizes, surprises and top secret activities.

Martyn talks about 3D soundscaping
posted 9/2/2012

Martyn is featured in the latest NAS E-zine SoundScape talking about his work in urban soundscaping and in particular the West Street Story 3D soundscape.

Urban Soundscaping
posted 28/1/2012

Martyn will be giving a talk on Monday 6th February at the Bartlett about Urban Soundscaping. For more information visit the Bartlett website.

posted 11/1/2012

Illustrious will be working with Jawbone (the company that has created Jambox, the ultra-portable bluetooth speaker) to create 3D spatialized mixes in collaboration with a variety of well known artists and labels from around the world.

Illustrious’ extensive experience in creating spatialized mixes will be put to good use in reformatting existing and new musical content for use in Jambox’s LiveAudio format. These mixes will envelop the listener in binaural sound, particularly effective as the Jambox itself can be placed in exactly the right place for maximum effect.