News 2021

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Living Tree at The Egg Theatre Bath
posted 14/9/2021

Gabriel Ware's emotional soundscape 'I Am An Insect' features in Andrew Amondson's Living Tree installation.

From the Creative Canopy in the Roper Room to the interactive roots hanging in the cafe below, you are invited to explore the fascinating connections waiting for you in the forest. Berlin based artist Andrew Amondson shares his Living Tree concept, a community activated installation, co-created with artists and audiences in Bath. The 5 meter tall twisting geometry of the Living Tree will be constructed using thinnings from Hooke Park Forest and is co-designed with Charley Brentnall from Xylotek, Alexandre Mballa-Ekobena and realised by Carpenter Oak with support from Shedworks. Native trees and plants fill the space for the 3 week installation before being planted in participatory urban wilding projects in the city.

Forest of Imagination artists join The Egg’s artists in residence in animating the space with light and sound, story and workshops for all ages. Get lost, become a bug, find a new path, lie down on the forest floor and listen to the life all around you.

posted 5/7/2021

Illustrious are thrilled to announce that Zágon, a film directed by Mateo Vialnueva Brandt, has won this RTS award...

Postgraduate Non-Scripted: Zágon

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mateo Villanueva Brandt, Luke Kulukundis, Vincent Zagon, Zack Bottoni, Amy Douglas-Morris, Gabriel Ware and Martyn Ware
BROADCASTER: LCC (University of the Arts London)
NOMINEES:Bringing Home the Blubber

Brilliant, beautiful, clever, incredibly positive. Very unusual yet very successful way of telling this story. The way the art forms intertwined was captivating.

Gabriel Ware's Rainforest soundscape recreated at the American Museum in Bath
posted 4/7/2021

As part of the Forest Of Imagination festival in Bath, the rainforest soundscape (originally part of FOI 2016) was recreated in immersive sound as part of a fForest Of Imagination take over of the gardens of the American Museum, amongst other installations involving various flower forms that grow in mysterious ways there.

posted 12/2/2021

We Found Love in the 80s by Dawinder Bansal and Martyn Ware is a brand new film, podcast and photographic archive project celebrating different kinds of relationships, people and love stories of the 1980s. ⁠

The inspiring stories featured are about how couples overcame obstacles together – whether that be racism, homophobia or class prejudice – to build their lives together.⁠

Dawinder and Martyn met in 2018 during their Art in Manufacturing Season Two residencies and have since wanted to work together, We Found Love in the 80s was launched in the summer of 2020. ⁠

Join them on Saturday 13 February for ‘We found Love in the 80s’: Hidden Love.' A film screening and LGBTQI+ panel discussion at 1:00 – 2.30 PM.⁠


Follow @wefoundloveinthe80s for more information. ⁠

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posted 30/1/2021

Following a series of very successful soundscape compositional commissions, Gabriel has been appointed Head Composer at Illustrious Company.

He will be continuing to co-create 3D soundscape compositions with Martyn Ware and Charles Stooke in future, in particular with his orchestral arrangements.

His exceptional work can also be heard on his website and on his personal soundcloud