Duet for Eyes: EyeJamming & EyeBodyWeaving

Duet for Eyes: EyeJamming & EyeBodyWeaving

Science Gallery,
Dublin, Ireland
9 April 2008

Using cutting edge interaction technology, Duet for Eyes: EyeJamming and EyeBodyWeaving was a performance by severely disabled creative artists James Brosnan and Katie Gilligan, orchestrated via the movement of their eyes. 

In the performance, Brosnan and Gilligan led a team of artists and engineers in a real time music and dance jam, using a special computer called the MyTobii system, controlled simply by looking at the screen.

Working alongside other members of the University of East London's SMARTlab, Illustrious formed part of the Spiritlevel group, a collective of scholars, engineers, artists and medical experts interested in the possibilities of new technologies to improve the quality of creative expression for those with disabilities.

In partnership with Smartlab, Tobii, Kila, Science Gallery, BBC, University of East London, Arts Council England, and The Mulitmedia and Games Innovation Centre.