Topology: Embodying Transformation

Topology: Embodying Transformation

Tate Modern, East Rooms,
London, UK
19–20 November 2011

Part of a series of events held at Tate Modern for its Topology season, Embodying Transformation was a two part performance designed to give an embodied experience of topological concepts through Illustrious’ 3D sound technology.

The first performance, ‘Knots & Donuts’, was an immersive sound sculpture exploring mathematical concepts. Conceived by Julian Henriques (Goldsmiths, University of London), the piece involved dancers enacting shapes within the space which were then translated into 3D Ambisonic sound.

In the second performance, ‘Ordinal 5’, dancers performed abstract mathematical ideas within an acoustic environment that allowed sound to be spatialised around the audience. Conceived by Brian Rotman (The Ohio State University), the piece sought to actualise a specific mathematical entity, the ordinal number 5, through dance and sound.

In partnership with Tate Modern, Goldsmiths University of London, Ohio State Univeristy