West Street Story

West Street Story

Sallis Benney Theatre,
Brighton, UK
29 October 2011

Located in the heart of Brighton city centre, West Street Story was an original 3D soundscape that transformed the atmosphere and ambience of the cacophonous clubbing area. 

Utilising both recorded and live sounds, the ambient piece was created in the centre of the city presenting residents, tourists and revelers a contrast to the raucous disharmony so frequently encountered in lively areas at night.

The piece was broadcast at the Sallis Benney Theatre in 3D sound, accompanied by live footage of people moving through the landscape provided by Driftwood productions. Entitled ‘Come Together’, the event included classes in body language, music and social territory from psychobiologist and communications expert Dr. Harry Witchel.

In partnership with White Night, The Noise Abatement Society, Brighton and Hove City Council, Arts Commission Brighton and Hove, Amiens Metropole, Interreg.