World Map

Soundscape, X Media Lab: Global Media Ideas
Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia
The Creators Project: Beijing 2010
798 Art District
Beijing, China
The Creators Project: Seoul 2010
Seoul, South Korea
The Creators Project: São Paulo 2010
Baro Galeria
Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Creators Project: New York City 2010
Milk Studios
New York, USA
YSL Belle D’Opium Fragrance Launch
West 37th Street
New York City, USA
Conceptualisation (proposal)
Shanghai World's Fair
Shanghai, China
Virtual Rome
Siggraph Conference
Las Vegas, USA
Hearts on Fire
Hearts on Fire Store
Boston, USA
Rome Reborn
University of Virginia
Virginia, USA
AT&T GNOC Exhibition Centre
AT&T Global Network Operations Command Centre
New Jersey, USA
New City
Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition, MoMA
New York City, USA
'I've Been Waiting For You', Triad Media Gallery
Seoul, South Korea
Sound Cube at New Sound New York
The Kitchen Art Gallery, NYC Music Festival
New York City, USA
Sweetly The Air Flew Overhead
Damien B. Art Centre, Miami Base Art Fair
Miami, USA
Virtual Wishing Tree
'Sacred Waterways Of New York', The Interfaith Centre
New York City, USA
Sound Oasis
Palacio de Bellas Artes
Mexico City, Mexico
Rebirth of the World
Seattle Art Museum
Liquid Histories
The London Pavilion at the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season
Illustrious Curate UK Section of Solstice 2016
Dr Strangelove collaboration with Eclectic Method
Projects in Europe
Projects in UK & Ireland
Projects in London
Illustrious projects 2002 - 2024


The illustrious portfolio includes installations, events and performance works alongside many media projects.

Illustrious has developed projects for organisations such as BP, The British Council, Sony Computer Entertainments Europe, The National Trust, The Science Museum, The Royal Ballet, V&A, Amnesty International, Unilever and Museum of London.

Illustrious often collaborates with other creative partners such as IMAGES&Co, Jason Bruges Studio and New Angle, amongst many others.