Illustrious believes in the future

Our mission is to create new works and promote new practices and new forms of collaborative and convergent art for (serious) fun and profit. Illustrious also has a social enterprise agenda, and looks to recycle profit into further research, development and even more collaborative effort.

Illustrious plans to develop further work into these areas in particular:

- Combining 3D sound with virtual worlds.
(see SGI)

- SEN schools.
(see Threeways School, Bath)

- '5-senses' environments.
(see forthcoming Future of the Senses)

- Recreating immersive versions of past historical worlds.
(see Rome Reborn)

- New forms of responsive performative art.

- More 'modulation of sonic reality' in architectural spaces.

- More Future of Sound and Future Of Light events worldwide.

Our ultimate goal is to create new, fully-immersive, communal experiences, engaging all the senses in a temporary replacement of reality.